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Randolph-Clay Middle/High Media Center

Media center
Media center

Randolph-Clay Middle/High School Media Center

"Willie D. Hammack Memorial Library"

The Randolph-Clay Middle/High School Media Center operates under a flexible schedule. This type of scheduling makes the media center available at the point of need for all patrons. Students and teachers may use the media center simultaneously, working independently or in small or large groups. Teachers should meet with the media specialist or media center staff to schedule a time for classes to work in the media center. Students should not be sent to the media center without a specific purpose and should have an understanding of how long they are to remain in the media center. A MEDIA CENTER pass signed by a teacher, administrator, is required.

The media center is open at 7:40 AM and during high school lunch for patrons to research, to read, and/or to study. Teachers/administrators may issue individual passes for students as needed. Teachers can send up to five students with one media pass. If a  teacher needs to send a group larger than five, the teacher needs to schedule a time to accompany the students to the media center.

Cooperation between the teachers and the media specialist can greatly facilitate the use of the media center. The teacher can reserve a time for research or schedule a time to bring a class to the media center to check out books. Planning ahead assures the promotion of continuous, purposeful use of the media center.